Discover Bern by bike

The city and region of Bern are perfect for exploring on two wheels. Where are the most beautiful bike routes? Where can you rent e-bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes? The handy Bern Velo-Guide cycling guide answers all these questions and more.

Bern is a biker’s paradise. The city’s passion for cycling is evident as throngs of Bern locals continue to pedal through the neighborhoods and streets of Bern on their favorite mode of transportation despite the rain or even snow. And when the weather is fine, they head out to the countryside. After just a ten-minute bike ride from the city center, nature lovers encounter green meadows, picturesque villages, grazing cattle and a panoramic view of the Alps. With a cool wind blowing through your hair, a picnic in your backpack, and nothing but peace and quiet around you, you will know what freedom really feels like!

The legendary e-bike route in the Gantrisch Nature Park 

Tales of the Gantrisch E-bike Route

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