8 April highlights in the city and region of Bern

The cherry blossoms in their various hues of pink are casting a spell on you in the Rose Garden, the bears are stretching their paws in the BearPark, and we are slowly getting ready to go outside again: People living in the city and region of Bern are slowly but surely welcoming spring – despite the unstable change of season.

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    Attention, all plant lovers: on 24 April, the day before the “Graniummärit”, the “Wildpflanzenmärit" (wild plant market) is taking place on the Parliament Square. This market is a true mecca for fans of organic and natural gardens.

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    Keep in mind: make sure to register online by 25 April if you want to be one of those brave soapbox pilots.

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    Of course, there are many more events taking place in Bern. Take a look at our event calendar.

Observe nature, the city and its inhabitants awaken

Spring in the city and region of Bern

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