Grand Prix of Bern

“The most beautiful 10 miles in the world” – jogging on the course of the Grand Prix of Bern.

Be it in preparation for the Grand Prix of Bern – the largest fun run in German-speaking Switzerland and a sporting event extraordinaire – or for your daily workout: this jogging route is a spectacular one, perfectly combining fitness and sightseeing.

  • Tipp

    There’s all kinds of sights and landmarks, but traffic, too – please watch out!

  • Route information for the Grand Prix course
    Start/finish Guisanplatz
    3014 Bern
    How to get there Streetcar no. 9 in the direction of Wabern, get off at “Wabern, Gurtenbahn”
    Opening Hours Year-round
    Distance 16.093 km
    Altitude difference 204 m
    Course Guisanplatz square-Aargauerstalden-Bern AnimalPark, BearPark-Nydegg bridge-UNESCO Old City-Zytglogge (clock tower)-Matte neighbourhood-Marzili public pool-Dalmazi bridge-Jubiläumsstrasse-Dählhölzli forest-Monbijou bridge-Parliament Square-Bern Minster-Zytglogge (clock tower)-UNESCO Old City-Nydegg bridge-Bern AnimalPark, BearPark-Aargauerstalden-Guisanplatz square *

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