Bremer Loop

“Urban nature” in Bern: the Bremgarten forest offers jogging and Nordic walking routes ranging from 1.9 to 17.3 kilometres.

Leave Bern’s Old City and, just a few kilometres later, you’ll find yourself in a serene forest perfect for running. The signposted jogging trails in Bremgarten forest start at the West entrance (Bern Bethlehem) or the East entrance (Bern Neufeld). where the different routes are described in detail.

  • Bremer Loop route information
    Start/finish Bremgartenstrasse 131
    3012 Bern
    How to get there From Bern main station, bus platform 4, take bus no. 103 in the direction of Bern, Neufeld P+R

    Get off at “Bern, Lindenhofspital”
    Opening Hours Year-round
    Distance Start/finish West
    1.9 km
    7.3 km
    17.3 km

    Start/finish East
    2.1 km
    5.0 km
    10.3 km
    17.3 km
    Route Various routes in the Bremgarten forest

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