On the Trail of Albert Einstein

Even Albert Einstein was inspired by Bern. The physicist was living here when he developed his famous formula E=mc² in 1905, turning our notion of time and space on its head. Today, visitors can follow the footsteps of this 20th century genius and even take a selfie with him.

Video: Take your own selfie with Einstein!


Want to take a souvenir photo with Albert Einstein? Or relax with a book or an ice cream while sitting next to the 20th century genius? You’ll find Bern’s famous resident on benches in four different locations in the city. The figure depicting Einstein in his earlier years can be found in the Rose Garden, at the BearPark, at the Bern Historical Museum, and at the University of Bern. Share your photo on the Einstein bench via Instagram with the hashtags #ilovebern and #einsteinselfie, and show the world where Einstein spent several years of his life.

Here you find the Einstein benches

Rose Garden

Discover more

Einstein plays a significant role in Bern. Besides the two guided city tours “Einstein in Bern” and “Einstein and Time,” the one-of-a-kind Einstein Museum, the Einstein House, and the Einstein Lectures at the University of Bern, you can also enjoy a break in the Einstein Kaffee coffee house.

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