Marzili – the loveliest river pool in the world


The Bernese are particularly proud of their "loveliest river pool in the world". The Marzili bath attracts countless visitors every summer. The Bernese self-consciously and enthusiastically look back to the summer of 1978, when the capital was the first Swiss city to lift the topless ban for bathers. This news spread like wildfire, and since then, the Marzili has metamorphosed into a hip meeting place for the Bernese scene, where life can be enjoyed over a cool beer in a relaxed atmosphere.

Since 1782, the Marzili has been the largest and most frequented river pool in Switzerland. Bathers have enjoyed swimming in the “academic swimming baths”, as the Marzili used to be called, for 700 years. This tradition survives into the present day, and while above the Marzili, the colourful city life pulsates, the clear water of the Aare river is wonderfully suited for a refreshing experience.

There is no entry fee to the river pool, and it offers a good bathing experience for young and old. Intrepid bathers can reach the refreshing coolness by means of various accesses with stairs and handrails, and swim with the sometimes powerful current. For families and less experienced swimmers, the 50-meter-long swimming pool provides safe refreshment. In addition, children can let off steam in the nearby playground, and two volleyball fields offer additional variety.

For visitors to Bern, a detour to the Marzili is a must in the hot summer months. The electrifying excitement, the pleasant greenery, and the refreshing waters of the Aare river will make the visit to this city a once in a lifetime experience.