Charming Swiss Capital


With its population of more than 140,000, Bern is Switzerland’s fifth-largest city and has all the features of a capital city. Distinguished by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, Bern’s unique image is characterized by the city’s cosmopolitan charm.

Countless international agencies and organizations, along with the Swiss federal government, are headquartered in Bern. Situated in the heart of Switzerland and Europe, the Swiss capital is easy to reach by car, by train or by plane via BERN Airport. Bern’s central location makes it the ideal starting point for trips throughout Switzerland.

Bern has a special way of combining the traditional with the modern. Its one-of-a-kind Old Town is graced by the witnesses of medieval architecture, including the cathedral and the Zytglogge (Clock Tower), and over three miles of arcades that allow visitors to stroll and shop in any weather. Right next to the city center are world-class examples of contemporary design and architecture – the Zentrum Paul Klee museum, the Stade de Suisse and the shopping and recreation complex, Westside, designed by Daniel Libeskind. Even the world’s largest exhibit about the life and work of Albert Einstein, or the BearPark on the edge of the Old Town that gives visitors a first-hand glimpse into the life of Bern’s symbol make Bern an unparalleled experience for young and old alike.


Numerous events such as the International Jazz Festival Bern, the legendary Gurten Festival on Bern’s local mountain, the Bern Carnival and the traditional Zibelemärit (Onion Market) are held against the city’s unique backdrop. The Bernese are especially proud of what they consider “the most beautiful river pool in the world.” The “Marzili” attracts countless visitors every summer, who come to cool off in the refreshing water of the Aare river when the weather is at its hottest. Bern also has a lot to offer in the area of sports: Each year, the Bern Grand Prix – featuring the “10 most beautiful miles in the world” – draws thousands of running enthusiasts to the largest mass sporting event in German Switzerland.

And the range of culinary offerings is as diverse as the city itself. Besides the many restaurants serving dishes from all over the world, visitors will find a wealth of traditional specialties on the menu, like Bernese Rösti, Bernese platter or Bernese braided bread. Bern also has a sweet side: The most famous Swiss chocolate, “Toblerone,” with its characteristic triangular shape, was invented around 100 years ago in Bern.