25.09.2021 "Alpabzug" Plaffeien

A storybook Swiss tradition: When the warm summer days slowly come to an end, the cows return to the lowlands with decorations and adornments. Traditionally, the farmers are welcomed with a charming alpine festival.

After four months at lofty altitudes, cows, goats and sheep return once more from the mountains. Finely trimmed and covered with wreaths of flowers, they trot through the village with chiming bells. This is called the Alpabzug. The farmers lead the animals to their winter quarters and are celebrated afterwards during stunning festivals, so called Älplerfeste, which take place in numerous regions of Switzerland during this time of the year.

The return of the cattle takes place in late summer, between the end of August and the beginning of October. In the Schwarzsee region, the Alpabzug will be held at the end of September. Over a thousand animals will flock to the village center of Plaffeien, accompanied by the enthusiastic applause of the spectators. Lots of music and delicious local products round off the celebration.

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