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The photo shows the interior of "EinLaden" in Bern, a colourful and lively space full of gifts and home decorations. The shelves are bursting with colourful items that create a cosy and creative atmosphere.
The picture shows a colourful shelf in the "EinLaden" shop in Bern, which is stocked with a variety of colourful tableware and home accessories. The vibrant colours and patterns of the items radiate cheerfulness and warmth, creating an inviting, homely shopping atmosphere.
The photo shows a careful selection of handmade, colourful fabric items on a table in the "EinLaden" in Bern. The combination of patterns and textures conveys a sense of craftsmanship and cosiness, ideal for a cheerful home.

EinLaden Bern

In einLaden Bern, you’ll find gifts and accessories made in sheltered workshops. Unique, colorful, cute, creative, sustainable and meaningful.

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The lovingly made gifts and accessories in einLaden are meticulously produced in the sheltered workplaces of Werkstätten Bern and other selected social institutions. A special emphasis is placed on quality materials and good workmanship.

Are you looking for something special? Perhaps an adorable baby dress? Or the popular ceramic jug that has become one of the shop’s bestsellers?

The following products are available at einLaden, located in Rathausgasse:

  • Wooden toys that are reminiscent of the old classics

  • Products for babies and children to wear or play with

  • Handy fabric bags and totes

  • Lovely garlands

  • Leather goods, such as fashionable bags or cell phone cases

  • Ceramic dishes and figurines

  • Stationery and other paper products

  • Nesting aids for wild bees, developed in collaboration with Bioterra and

Selected products are also available for purchase in our online store at


EinLaden Bern
Rathausgasse 70
3011 Bern

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