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At the ONO cultural centre in Bern, the artistically designed walls with portrait paintings and the modern interior create an atmosphere that celebrates creativity and contemporary art.
The photo shows the interior of the ONO cultural centre in Bern, where a stage awaits an audience. The empty chairs and the rustic, walled surroundings exude anticipation of the cultural exchange and artistic performances to come.
Through the arch of the ONO cultural centre in Bern, you look out onto a quiet square with outdoor tables. The image radiates an inviting tranquillity, ready for guests seeking culture and relaxation in the city of Bern.

Kulturlokal ONO

The Kulturlokal ONO is situated in a beautiful vaulted cellar on Bern’s popular Kramgasse. The venue is a center of culture hosting concerts, readings, exhibitions and more.

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It’s not every day that you’ll find such a variety of art and culture in so small a space as the ONO. With an area of just 30 square meters, it’s where Bern’s cultural scene can be found singing, laughing, philosophizing, debating, experimenting and thriving. In 1954, the light sandstone walls of the vaulted cellar – which was known as “kleintheater kramgasse 6” at the time – hosted the German-language premiere of Pablo Picasso’s play “Desire Caught by the Tail.”

Today, the ONO serves up a veritable smorgasbord of art and culture, ranging from jazz concerts, photo exhibitions, improv theater and PowerPoint karaoke to its popular “Lesesessel” literary evening.

After 15 years of hosting cultural events, the ONO is now expanding its services with a small arcade café at Kramgasse 6. In warm weather, visitors to cultural events can opt to enjoy their coffee break or aperitif outside, and tourists strolling through the city can refresh themselves with a cool drink or warm up with a hot coffee.


Kulturlokal ONO
Kramgasse 6
3011 Bern

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