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The photo shows Jegenstorf Castle in Switzerland, taken from a tree-lined avenue leading to the elegant main building. The symmetry and greenery convey peace and tradition.
The picture shows Jegenstorf Castle in all its splendour, nestled in an idyllic garden paradise. Its reflection in the water, surrounded by lush greenery, radiates tranquillity and historical elegance.
The picture shows Jegenstorf Castle, a magnificent white building with a classic, steep roof, embedded in a peaceful, green park landscape that radiates tranquillity and historical elegance.

Jegenstorf Castle

A baroque country estate outside Bern’s city walls: at Jegenstorf Castle, visitors can hear exciting tales, stroll through lavishly decorated rooms and explore the extensive gardens.

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Not far from the nation’s capital and surrounded by a beautiful landscape with a carp pond and romantic paths lies Jegenstorf Castle, a former Patrician country residence. It can be reached by train in only 20 minutes from Bern’s main station.

Once a medieval castle surrounded by a moat, the estate was converted into an elegant baroque country residence by Albrecht Friedrich von Erlach in 1720. The castle opened its gates to the public in 1936, and history continued to be made inside its walls: at the end of the Second World War, it was used by General Guisan as a command centre, and in 1954, it served as an imperial residence during a state visit from Ethiopia’s regent Haile Selassie.

Today, Jegenstorf Castle is a museum that takes visitors on a journey to the past: the impressive interior is decorated with bourgeois and Patrician furniture from the old city and the republic of Bern. One of the highlights is Switzerland’s largest exhibition of baroque tiled stoves from all parts of the country.

Special exhibitions, scenic guided tours, adventure and fairytale tours for children and other events take place at the castle and the park. Every day during opening hours, “Schloss(zeit)reise” (“(Time)travel at the castle) takes families back in time.

There are three permanent exhibitions, dedicated to the following persons and organisations: Bernese patois poet Rudolf von Tavel (1866–1934), Bernese educator and economist Philipp Emanuel von Fellenberg (1771–1844), and the Economic Society of the Canton of Bern (OGG, since 1759).

The baroque oasis with its carp pond is open all day, every day for recreation and relaxing strolls. The fruit from the trees in the arboretum (ProSpecieRara) is made into delicious apple bubbly that can be enjoyed at the castle’s café.

Audience in Stärnebrächt's residence

Jegenstorf Castle was built by Albrecht Friedrich von Erlach in 1720, at a time when the "Ancien Régime" was still in full bloom. On this scenic tour, the "gracious lord" (played by historian Raphael Racine) grants the common people an audience in his residence. He shares anecdotes from the 18th century. How he got the nickname "Stärnebrächt", why his father was considered a bigamist and why the castle entrance is in the wrong place - the answers can be found on this entertaining tour.

Tour in German only

«Dr Franzos» (the Frenchman) at Jegenstorf Castle

«Dr Franzos» (the Frenchman) guides you through the historical site and tells you about the time when the French invaded Bern in 1798. In an entertaining way, the appropriately dressed Frenchman explains his life, what it was like when Jegenstorf Castle was converted into a French quarter with a prison and much more.

To the tour

“Schloss(zeit)reise” (“(Time)travel at the Castle”)

Equipped with an adventure map and compass, the explorers roam the castle and park, following the tracks of the “luggage stations” from A to Z. The deposited suitcases are filled with fun games, quizzes, puzzles and interesting information regarding the history of the construction and ownership of the castle as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses and stories of the paintings, objects and façades of Jegenstorf Castle.

Fairytale Tour

Jump right into the fantastic, magical world of fairytales! On this guided tour through the historic castle, the castle fairy tells beautiful tales. … and they lived happily ever after.

Adventure Tour

The adventure tour puts a fun twist on exploring the castle, its treasures and its stories. After the tour, fun and games await the little explorers at the top of the castle’s 1,000-year-old tower: dressing up, portrait drawing, sealing, building, painting and more.

Feather Duster and Periwig

Maidservant and lady of the manor: on this fun tour, actors in historical costume chat with visitors and tell tales about life at the castle. Also suited for children from the age of ten.

Further information on the offers and events can be found on the Jegenstorf Castle website.


Jegenstorf Castle
General-Guisanstrasse 5
3303 Jegenstorf

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