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The illuminated interior of the Hammam & Spa Oktogon in Bern radiates an exotic and inviting atmosphere, with the calm waters of the pool inviting you to immerse yourself and relax.
In the relaxed surroundings of the Hammam & Spa Oktogon, a woman rests with her eyes closed while another person can be seen out of focus in the background, symbolising relaxation and inner peace.
The interior of the Hammam & Spa Oktogon in Bern exudes a relaxed and exotic atmosphere, with warm, cosy loungers and atmospheric lighting that invite you to linger and switch off.

Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern

Relax in an atmosphere like 1001 nights: The Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern keeps the spirit of oriental bathing alive.

Useful information

  • City of Bern
  • Indoor
  • Relaxing
  • Wellness & spa

What in the 19th century was the first gasometer of the city of Bern, is now a relaxing oriental bath. The octagonal shape of the beautiful listed building gives the hammam its name, “Oktogon”.

The bathing ritual is based on the idea of warming up and cleansing your body step by step and helps relax and detoxify it. Guests go through various indulging steps, from natural peelings and hot herbal steam to warm baths and Moroccan clay masks. Oriental elements such as lanterns, intricately decorated silver bowls, colourful cushions and daybeds make the calming atmosphere complete.

 After cleansing and detoxifying the body, enjoy a refreshing cup of tea and maybe a little oriental snack at the bistro. To end the bathing ritual, relax on one of the large mats or daybeds in the Camekan, the hammam’s resting room.

If you want a relaxed spa day with your girl gang: every Thursday, the Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern is reserved for women.


Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern
Weihergasse 3
3005 Bern

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