The Small Wine Shop with Artistic Wine Creations and Rare Gems

Weinerlei’s actual physical location is at Restaurant le beizli in Liebefeld’s VIDMARhallen, and its virtual counterpart can be found in the practical online shop. But Weinerlei offers even more. At the many culinary events hosted by the KG Gastrokultur restaurants and at the “Weinerlei der Klub”, everything is devoted to wine culture and enjoyment.

Weinerlei combines a wine shop, wine bar and the dynamics of pleasure in a refreshingly new way. There are over 40 wines on offer from small vineyards committed to sustainable and responsible viticulture. All the wines are exclusive creations for Weinerlei. They bear unusual names, and the bottles are adorned with humorous, colorful labels with attitude, designed by artists.

  • Weinerlei

    Könizstrasse 161
    3097 Liebefeld

    T 0319711164


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