The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is a mecca for flower lovers and a great place to unwind. It features a restaurant in a prime location and a wonderful view of Bern!

The Rose Garden is one of Bern’s most beautiful parks, offering an unrivaled view of the Old Town and Aare Loop. When the weather is clear, the view extends far beyond the city. Not only is the Rose Garden a welcoming recreational area, it’s also a popular spot for taking memorable photos.

As the name suggests, the park is most notable for its wealth of blossoms. It is home to 223 rose, 200 iris and 28 rhododendron varieties, as well as an enchanting water lily pond. A pavilion and a reading garden make the Rose Garden the ideal place to relax, while the restaurant tempts visitors to linger a while longer. The park also caters to children, with a big playground where the little ones can run wild.

But the Rose Garden wasn’t always a park. From 1765 to 1877, it served as a cemetery for the lower part of the city. It then opened to the public as a park in 1913.


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