Team Cooking – Chillfood

A pleasurable experience that takes place in unusual spots. Whether as a small team or large group, cooking over an open fire together is so much fun that everyone will want to get involved.

  • Information & Prices
    Participants Fire cooking: 6–200 people
    Catering: 5–500 people
    Duration 4–6h or more if requested
    Price from CHF 80.00 for big groups (from 100 Pax)
    from CHF 100.00 for smaller groups
    In the price included - Infrastructur for cooking
    - Ingridients and dinner
    - Firewood and char
    - Expendable materials
    - Location suggestion
    - Support from the fire chiefs
    Not included - Drinks
    - Rent for the location
    - VAT

Requiring minimal effort, your «chill food» event with its simple menu will become an authentic outdoor adventure. Unusual places such as stone quarries, industrial halls, riverbanks and Alpine huts serve as kitchens. Zero electricity – just fire, coals, team spirit and delicious regional ingredients. This activity will once again remind your team in a very concrete way that less is often more.

Back to the simple and sustainable things in life – back to just «chilling». Since unusual places don’t always have electricity, you’ll be cooking with a fire pot over an open flame and embers, creating both old and new dishes from around the world. It’s a chance to cook for your guests – and often also cook with them. This fiery adventure in the most unusual settings is a fun activity that helps you slow down and grow closer together as a team.

The ingredients you use are also extraordinary. Many are rare, but some are just simple delicacies from the neighborhood farmer. Whichever the case, the carefully selected ingredients are freshly prepared in a way that brings out their own special qualities. Simply put: flavor enhancers and convenience products have no place in fire pot recipes.



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