PubliBike day tickets

Ride your bike or e-bike and explore the city of Bern and its surroundings in comfort – easily done with PubliBike day tickets.

With a PubliBike day ticket at a fixed price, you can rent a bike or e-bike for 24 hours at no extra cost. There are six networks throughout Switzerland, one of which has a large number of stations in and around Bern. Day tickets can be purchased at the Tourist Information at Bern main station. Afterwards you simply register in the PubliBike app, redeem the promo code and ride off. For each additional bike, the B-Quick rate applies (charged per time used).

Within the network of the city of Bern, bikes can be rented and returned at any station. Stops outside the stations and multiple rentals within the 24 hours are also possible without any problems, giving you maximum flexibility.

Day tickets in combination with other subscriptions:

With a B-Quick subscription: just enter the promo code and the day ticket will activate immediately.

With existing B-Fit subscription: the day ticket will activate after your existing subscription expires (visible in your customer account).

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