Polit-Forum Bern

The Käfigturm (Prison Tower), where prisoners once awaited trial, now promotes contemporary topics such as politics, the media, society, and an active, living democracy.

The Polit-Forum Bern in the Käfigturm (Prison Tower) hosts political discussions and debates and is a space for exhibitions, exchange, and networking.

Contemporary politics

No more mental shackles in the Käfigturm today: The Polit-Forum Bern advocates a free exchange of ideas and arguments in a living democracy. Panel discussions, political receptions, and debates make politics and eminent political figures easily accessible to the broad public.

Active participation of young citizens in today’s politics is a priority. Schools and interested teens can conduct debates and workshops or model parliament sessions at the Käfigturm. The association also provides a modernly equipped room that can be used for one’s own political event.

If you would like to know more about ongoing exhibitions and the historic building, you can book a free tour of the Käfigturm. Register here.

Information on events and exhibitions can also be found on Facebook and past discussions can be re-watched on Youtube. Pictures: Susanne Goldschmied.

  • Fact

    By the way: the association is funded by the city and the canton of Bern, the Burgergemeinde Bern (Citizen’s Community), the Roman Catholic Central Conference, and the Protestant Church of Switzerland.

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