There are around 3500 short-term parking spaces in multistory parking garages in Bern. As you approach the city from the motorway, you will see signs indicating which parking garages still have spaces available.

In addition to the multi-storey car parks, Bern has areas with compulsory parking discs. The corresponding parking tickets are available for 4 or 24 hours and can be obtained from the Bernmobil ticket machine and the tourist office at the station. The time starts running as soon as the ticket has been obtained. Additional parking tickets that start running at a certain time are available from the Police Inspectorate and online via the City of Bern website, among others.

Here you will find all the information you need about multi-storey car parks in Bern, such as the current occupancy rate, the number of parking spaces for the disabled or the proximity of places of interest.

  • Bus Parking
    Where Amount Time restriction
    Aarstrasse 1
    Aargauerstalden 5 2 hours
    Amtshausgasse 1 2 hours
    Bernastrasse 1 3 hours
    Dalmaziquai 2 3 hours
    Grosser Muristalden 4 2 hours
    Helvetiaplatz 1 2 hours
    Hodlerstrasse 1 2 hours
    Laubeggstrasse 2 30 minutes
    Marienstrasse 1 2 hours
    Mingerstrasse 3
    Park + Ride Neufeld Car Terminal fee required
    Postgasshalde 1 30 minutes
    Pulverweg 4 3 hours
    Restaurant Kleefeld, Bern Bümpliz 2 private
    Schüttestrasse 1 2 hours
    Schützenmatte 6 2 hours
    Thormannstrasse 2
    Undo-endo 3 3 hours
    Weihergasse 1

Electric Cars

Need to quickly recharge your electric car? Energie Wasser Bern operates car parks with recharging stations for electric cars at various locations in the city of Bern and is continually expanding the recharging network. You can see the stations here.

You can find a list of charging stations throughout Switzerland here.

  • Bahnhof Parking AG

    Parkterrasse 14
    3012 Bern

    Website Directions

  • Bahnhof Parking - SBB Kurzparking

    Parkterrasse 14
    3012 Bern


    Website Directions

  • Bahnhof Parking - PostParc Kurzparking

    Schanzenstrasse 4
    3008 Bern

    Website Directions

  • Metro Parking

    3006 Bern

    Website Directions

  • Rathaus Parking

    Postgasshalde 50
    3011 Bern

    Website Directions

  • Parking City-West

    Effingerstrasse 20
    3011 Bern

    Website Directions

  • Mobiliar Parking

    Sulgeneckstrasse 18
    3007 Bern

    Website Directions

  • Parking Casino

    Kochergasse 1
    3011 Bern

    Website Directions

  • Expo Parking

    Bolligenstrasse 61
    3006 Bern

    Website Directions

  • Park + Ride Neufeld

    Neubrückstrasse 166
    3012 Bern

    Website Directions

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