Minster Terrace

The Minster terrace with its large chestnut trees is perfect for picnics, playing and relaxing. The breathtaking view of the Aare river, the Alps and the Matte neighbourhood make the old churchyard a popular place to meet and hang out.

Old and young meet on the historic terrace of the Bernese Minster, lovingly called “Pläfe” by the locals: there are families with children having a picnic, elderly men playing Boule, teenagers playing ping-pong, and couples enjoying the wonderful view of the greenish-blue Aare river and the high peaks of the Alps. The large chestnut trees and many benches make the terrace a popular place to spend warm summer afternoons.

By the way: in order get down to the historic Matte neighbourhood, the Bernese use the “Senkeltram”, an elevator that takes adults directly from the terrace to Badgasse Street in the Matte for 1.50 Francs.

We don’t know if Einstein came up with his famous E= mc² formula while relaxing on the Minster terrace, but what we do know is that the world-famous scientist lived just around the corner on Kramgasse. His apartment is open to the public and showcases photographs, recordings and copies of hand-written documents. If you want to find out more about the genius Albert Einstein, you will find interesting information and ideas here.

Events around the Minster

From the artisanry market and the Buskers Street Music Festival to celebrating New Year’s Eve: there are all kinds of cultural and typically Bernese events on and near the Minster terrace, and everyone enjoys them, be it locals, tourists, visitors, and people who have just moved to Bern.

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