We all know it – the famous Emmental cheese with its large holes. Yet the region that is home to this major Swiss export has so much more to offer.

The unmistakable landscape, covered in lush green, is characteristic of the unique Emmental valley. The countless biking paths that wind through the region’s meadows are a true paradise for cyclists. Because of the many hills, e-bikes are primarily used – which, incidentally, were invented in the Emmental. A FLYER e-bike is the perfect way to complete a stage of the Herzroute trail in the Emmental.

And there are plenty of other highlights just waiting to be discovered – such as the Gotthelf Center in Lützelflüh, the Lueg overlook, the Museum Franz Gertsch and the traditional Gotthelf-Märit market in Sumiswald. But a tour of the region isn’t complete without experiencing its famous cheese. Visitors to the Emmental Show Dairy in Affoltern can not only view the production process; they can even try making the cheese themselves.

But Emmental has even more culinary delights to offer! The search for the country’s best cookies begins at the Kambly Experience in Trubschachen, where visitors can sample the many varieties to their heart’s content.

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