Take off into Bern’s lower Old City, a vaulted cellar, the world of cocktails. abflugbar is an authentic place that serves drinks from all over the world.

The subtle tones of the sandstone walls and the way the seating areas, bar, lounge, and podium are arranged resembles a modern airport lounge (Abflug = airplane departure).

But there’s no hustle and bustle here, you can simply enjoy a relaxed evening at the bar, in a lounge chair, or on the soft cushions on the wooden podium.

In addition to cocktails from all over the world, the bar has cold beer and selected red and white wines, and olives and Parmesan shavings to nibble on.

  • abflugbar

    Gerechtigkeitsgasse 50
    3011 Bern

    T +41 79 751 59 32

    Website Directions

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