Sweet Temptations in Bern: 12 tantalizing chocolate tips

Bern, the birthplace of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, is a paradise for connoisseurs. From the best chocolatiers in Switzerland to chocolate workshops and chocolate fondue for breakfast, here are our 12 tips for fans of everything chocolate.

“Fabrique de Chocolat W. Lin...”: If you stand on Bern’s Nydegg Bridge, you can still make out this historic inscription painted on the building across from you. In 1879, chocolate history was made at Wasserwerkgasse 2. In this former factory hall, Rudolf Lindt, the son of a Bernese apothecary, developed the conching process, creating the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that we know and love today. The birthplace of chocolate has inspired many more chocolatiers over the years. Ovomaltine, Camille Bloch and Toblerone – the most famous chocolate in the world – also have their roots in Bern. Did you know that every single Toblerone bar that is sold around the world is still produced in the company factory in Bern?

Our 12 Chocolate Tips in Bern

Swiss chocolatiers are among the best in the world – if we do say so ourselves! The Swiss are also world champions when it comes to eating chocolate. They are global leaders with 10.5 kg of the sweet stuff consumed per person per year. So, it’s no wonder that chocoholics find themselves in seventh chocolate heaven in Bern. We reveal right here which places and experiences are worth the ensuing chocolaty guilt.

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