Bern Ticket

If you are staying at an accommodation in the City of Bern, your room key is also a Bus and Streetcar Ticket and you can use Public Transport for free in and around Bern.

Overnight guests needn’t worry about buying tickets for public transport: if you spend one or more nights at an accommodation in the city of Bern, you will receive a “Bern Ticket” for the entire duration of your stay. It allows hotel guests free use of public transport in Bern and its vicinities, including all streetcars and buses in zones 100 and 101 of the LIBERO public transport association.

The Bern Ticket is ideal for getting from point A to point B or for exploring and getting to know the Swiss capital. Also included in the free ticket are the well-known Gurten and Marzili funiculars as well as the elevator up to the Minster terrace.

No need to worry about a transfer ticket on the day of your arrival, either: your hotel booking confirmation is all you need to get from the train station or BERN Airport into the city.

Once you arrive at your accommodation, the Bern Ticket can be activated in the Bern app on your smartphone, with your hotel reservation number being your activation code. The Bern app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. If you prefer a real ticket rather than a digital one, you can ask for a Bern Ticket at the reception desk. Attention: the ticket is only valid if filled out completely. Show your ticket to the conductor, if required, and enjoy the ride through the wonderful city of Bern.


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