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Our Bucket List: 77 Things to Do in Bern

Anticipation is the greatest of pleasures. From a swimming class in the Aare river to the city’s most exciting bathroom to starry skies in a nature reserve: we provide inspiration for when things get back to normal.

  • Fact

    Those were our wishes after the first lockdown. We still have to be patient with “normality” due to the current Corona situation. Dear universe, please make things possible again soon!

City of Bern

  1. Grab a bicycle (from PubliBike, for example) and explore Bern’s neighbourhoods
  2. Taste-test locally produced beers at Barbière
  3. See the world’s largest and most important Paul Klee collection
  4. Pick up a Raclette backpack at Restaurant Lötschberg, go to your new favourite spot and enjoy an al-fresco Raclette
  5. Practise your Sun Salutation at the Bernisches Historisches Museum (the Yoga class takes place every Tuesday from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.)
  6. Watch the brave members of the “Gfrörli-Club” (loosely translated as: “shivering swimmers”) go for a winter swim in the Aare river
  7. Solve the mystery of the Green Fairy within 60 minutes in Novotel Bern Expo’s Adventure Room
  8. Be sure to order a Sweet Hulk at Café Jusq’a
  9. Get to the traditional “Zibelemärit” (Onion Market) at 4:00 a.m. and start the day off with a slice of onion tart
  10. Have a drink at Kornhauskeller’s Gallery Bar, one of the most beautiful bars in the world according to TripAdvisor
  11. Enjoy a piece of Zopf (traditional plaited bread) for your Sunday breakfast
  12. Go on a tour of the famous Zytglogge (Clock Tower) to see the inside of the tower and learn more about the ancient clockwork
  13. Go to Restaurant Steinhalle for a 16-GaultMillau-points burger (yum!)
  14. Participate in an Aare river swimming lesson, a very cool activity – literally!
  15. See how 8 world religions are unified under one roof at the world’s first and only Haus der Religionen (House of Religions)
  16. Visit the animals at Bern Animal Park, Dählhölzli – it’s free and beautifully located on the banks of the Aare river
  17. Spend a laid-back vacation at campground Camping Eymatt or Camping Eichholz and enjoy the simple life by the Aare river
  18. Discover your new favourite cocktail at Abflugbar, where they make the best cocktails in town
  19. Tour Bern’s most beautiful antiques shops and find hidden treasures
  20. Enjoy some beautiful views – for example from Hotel Schweizerhof’s Sky Terrace or the rooftop bar on the eighth floor of Hotel Bern
  21. Try out the Bernese signature scents by perfumer Brigitte Witschi (the ingredients in the scent “Aarewasser” apparently make you happy!)
  22. Have Fondue in the cosy ski lift gondola at Restaurant Marzilibrücke
  23. Spend the night at One Suite Hotel Zollhaus on Nydeggbrücke (Nydegg Bridge) – the magazine “Geo Saison” ranked it one of Europe’s 100 most beautiful hotels
  24. Go and see the beautiful blossoming cherry trees at Rosengarten and make sure to snap a picture – likes on Instagram are guaranteed!
  25. Order the legendary apple fritters at Restaurant Bärenhöfli
  26. On Wednesdays, discover new talents at the open stage night at Mahogany Hall, Bern’s oldest music club
  27. In winter, visit the sauna at the Lorraine swimming pool and then jump into the Aare naked
  28. Root for the BSC Young Boys (our favourite team) at a soccer game
  29. Visit Albert Einstein’s original apartment at 49 Kramgasse
  30. Have delicious hot chocolate at Adrianos
  31. Climb the 312 steps to the top of the Bern Minster (Switzerland’s highest steeple) and enjoy the breathtaking view of the famous mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau
  32. Try the “special drinks from the lab kitchen” at Asino il Bar on Hotelgasse alley
  33. Have mulled wine and roasted chestnuts while perusing Bern’s various Christmas markets
  34. Relax in a beautiful oriental setting at the Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern
  35. Try a Berner Gingwerer, a combination of Matte-Gin (gin from the Matte neighbourhood) and Ingwerer (ginger liqueur)
  36. Have a machine generate a love letter for you at the Museum of Communication
  37. Go see a movie at Kellerkino, Switzerland’s first and oldest independent movie theatre
  38. Perform your pirouettes in a unique and beautiful setting at the skating rink in front of the Parliament Building (December–February)
  39. Dive into the sweet world of chocolate at Casa Nobile
  40. Use the city as your gym: go up and down all of Bern’s stairs
  41. Sit in on a jam session at the International Jazz Festival Bern, one of the oldest of its kind in all of Europe
  42. Visit Zar-Bar, Bern’s tiniest bar
  43. Spend a Saturday morning at the farmer’s markets on Bundesplatz (Parliament Square), Bundesgasse and Münstergasse
  44. Buy a sweet Mutz (the large version of the legendary Mandelbärli) and share it with friends or take it home as a souvenir
  45. Get dressed up and go see a play or concert at Konzert Theater Bern
  46. Run the nicest 10 miles in the world at the Bern Grand Prix
  47. Eat a scoop of black vanilla ice cream at the Eiswerkstatt, the ice cream bar of the restaurant Altes Tramdepot
  48. Go on a tour of the Parliament Building 
  49. Root for the SCB (our local heroes) at a hockey game
  50. Enjoy life and a chocolate Fondue at Restaurant toi et moi
  51. Dance the night away, for example at a concert at Dachstock
  52. Visit one of Bern’s many flea markets
  53. Stroll along the Aare river and discover pretty places
  54. Order one of the world’s best Schnitzels at Jack’s Brasserie
  55. Travel back in time to the roaring twenties at Casino Bern and take a selfie in the most beautiful lavatory in all of Bern
  56. Find out if the chocolate cake at Apfelgold really is the best in town

    Around Bern

  57. Eat your way through all the brunch options on the Gurten, spectacular view included
  58. Go snowshoeing in the beautiful winter wonderland that is the Emmental
  59. Enjoy the summer sun at Aarebar between Marzili and Eichholz or at Bogen 17 on Lake Wohlen
  60. Take an alpaca for a walk
  61. Hike through the Gantrisch nature reserve and marvel at the natural diversity
  62. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Emmental, Bernese Oberland and Napf regions from the top of Chuderhüsi Aussichtsturm (Chuderhüsi viewing tower)
  63. Treat yourself to a luxurious gourmet weekend at Moosegg and enjoy a glass of bubbly in the Hotpot
  64. Visit “Weg der Wolle” (“Wool: From Sheep to Textile”) in Huttwil – a perfect activity for families
  65. Look up into the starry night sky from the Sternenplattform (star platform) in the Gurnigel region
  66. Produce your own cheese the traditional way at the Emmental Cheese Show Dairy
  67. Discover and explore some pretty Bernese towns – how about Burgdorf or Laupen?
  68. Go on a micro-adventure with “skepping”: spend the night in a tree tent under the stars
  69. Watch the Kambly Maîtres Confiseurs at work and try all 100 biscuit variations
  70. Watch a traditional “Alpabzug” (return of the cattle), for example the one in Plaffeien
  71. Get on an e-bike and ride along the “Grünes Band” (“Green Band”) around Bern
  72. Spend a romantic night in Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad’s very own igloo
  73. Put on some warm clothes and go ice fishing, for example on the Stockhorn
  74. Digital detox! Take a relaxing time-out at Romantik-Hotel Dürrenroth in the picturesque Emmental
  75. Dance to the live music of artists from all over the world at the popular Gurten Festival on Bern’s local mountain
  76. Overcome your fear of heights at Seilpark Gantrisch (Gantrisch Rope Park) oder Seilpark Bern (ROPETECH adventure park)
  77. Visit the prettiest town (officially!) in all of Switzerland: Trub, Emmental

What’s going on in Bern?


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