The Bucket List for Architecture

The word “architecture” comes from the ancient Greek “ἀρχιτεκτονία” (architektonía), meaning “the art of building”, and refers to man’s aesthetic engagement with built space. We’ll show you the architectural gems in the city and region of Bern.

  • Accessibility

    Zentrum Paul Klee
    The infrastructure at the Zentrum Paul Klee is adapted to the different needs of people with disabilities. Detailed information can be found under the direct links to the procap access monitor.

    UNESCO Stroll
    The tour can be adapted to suit persons with special needs. Receive more information at the barrier-free Tourist Information in Bern’s main station.

    Spychwerweg, Gantrisch Nature Park
    The Spycherweg is not barrier-free.

    OK:GO and Claire&George offer further accessibility information for travelling in Switzerland.

Historic buildings, quaint cobblestone alleyways, impressive monuments

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