The (Aquaphobic’s) Guide to Enjoying the Aare River – our top 12 tips

Strolling along, savouring an ice cream, and embracing culture – in Bern, you don’t need to be a water lover to fully enjoy the Aare. These are our 12 tips for experiencing the true "Bern way of life" on the banks of our favourite river.

  • Fact

    It’s important to have a healthy amount of respect for the Aare and inform yourself about the possible risks beforehand. Swimming in the Aare is recommended for experienced swimmers only. The Swiss Lifesaving Society SLRG and the City of Bern provide (vitally) important tips for everyone who spends time in and on the Aare.

Along the Aare River with Brigitte

  • Information

    Click here to find information about the Bodenacker ferry and here for the Zehndermätteli ferry (both available in German only)

Along the Aare River with Mich Gerber


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