Paul Klee. Humans Among Themselves

05.09.2021 - 22.05.2022

Paul Klee is usually seen as an unpolitical artist. The exhibition contradicts this perception and demonstrates the extent to which there is often a political dimension concealed behind the ironic façade of his works. This political aspect is apparent in the broadest and most original sense of the ‘political’ – as a reflection on the organisation of human coexistence. What is the meaning of community and what forms does it take? What are authority and power based on? The title of the exhibition refers to Klee’s idea that as an artist he is able to adopt a ‘supernatural‛ perspective. With what could be called a ‘zoological eye’, Klee observes people and their activities with ironic detachment. Humanity becomes an unknown species yet to be understood.
  • Bundesplatz 3000 Bern

    Monument im Fruchtland 3
    3000 Bern


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