Taste my Swiss City: A culinary discovery tour of Bern

True food and drink indulgence off the beaten track: discover the taste of Bern, the Swiss capital, by following recommendations from the locals.

This city tour is definitely not in any travel guide (yet). It is a chance to decide for yourself – by choosing the local scene expert to suit your individual taste. Discover their favourite restaurants and be inspired by little delicacies in a rather different way.


This unusual menu comprises four to seven stops and is not only a chance to explore Bern away from the mainstream, but also to see a different side to its food scene. The rather different view of the culinary landscape is thanks to your insider, who will guide you through the city virtually. Whether trendy, cultural or elegant, choose a culinary expert to suit your taste – and prepare to be amazed by their great tips! It is quite likely you would never have discovered that particular spot without the help of a local.

And the selection of restaurants is not all, you experience something special at every single stop. For this reason, you will not simply be served up something from the menu, but a special little delicacy created just for this tour. It will be big enough to satisfy, but not so much that you will feel too full to enjoy the next stage of the tour, where the next restaurant and next course of this special urban surprise menu awaits.


These tours are not guided and instead walked and experienced independently according to the detailed instructions provided on booking.