Practical information

Where can I rent an e-bike, and where can I charge the battery? In this overview, you’ll find the answers as well as many useful tips for your upcoming cycling experience in the Gantrisch Nature Park.

Route information

The “Tales of the Gantrisch” Cycling Route is a 64-kilometre e-bike route in the Gantrisch Nature Park. The scenic route takes you to different experience sites that tell tales and myths from the region. You can listen to them on your smartphone by scanning the QR code or read them in the secret compartment. The legends are told by authentic voices from the areas in which they originated.

This route, especially suited for e-bikes, starts at the welcome stations and leads through a beautiful fairytale landscape. The loop takes you clockwise along the signposted Veloland routes 74, 4, 37, 62, and 99. En route, you will also encounter the logos of the “Tales of the Gantrisch” route, which will help you find the way to the experience sites.

  • Location Location : Gantrisch Nature Park
  • Distance Distance : 64 km
  • Elevation gain Elevation gain : 1'350 m

Getting to the route and back

The welcome stations in Burgistein, Schwarzenburg, and Riggisberg can be reached by public transport from Bern, Thun, or Fribourg. From there, take the existing Veloland routes to the welcome stations of the “Tales of the Gantrisch” Cycling Route.

  • Fact

    Information on transporting bicycles on trains can be found on the SBB le website.

E-bike rental

Would you like to rent an e-bike? There’s nothing easier than reserving and picking up a bike at a bike store along the “Tales of the Gantrisch” E-bike Route or at Rent a Bike.

  • General information

    Self-service bicycle loading

    If the e-bike is rented from Rent a Bike, the bike ticket for public transport is included. The rented bike can therefore be taken on all trains in the bike self-loading area without an additional bike ticket. The rental contract issued is valid as a self-loading ticket. For other bicycles, please note the SBB reservation conditions.

Battery charging stations

E-bike battery performance differs from model to model. Newer e-bikes can easily manage the 64-kilometre “Tales of the Gantrisch” Cycling Route without an additional battery or charging stop. In any case, we recommend fully charging the battery before tackling the route, or, depending on the model, bringing another battery or your own charging device.

If the route does become too much for the battery, there are places along the way where you can charge it:

  • The stations
    • Restaurant Caroline
    • Gasthof Löwen Riffenmatt
    • Hotel Restaurant Sternen Guggisberg
    • Hotel Restaurant Sonne
    • Gasthof Bühl
    • Restaurant Brunnen 
    • Hofladen Pfandersmatt
    • Bergkäserei Oberbütschel REK
    • Erlebnis Hofmatt 
    • Biohof Breitenackern
    • B&B Bären Rüeggisberg
    • Bed and Breakfast im Schloss
    • Stebi's Check Point
    • Hadorn Velos Motos
    • Gantrisch Bike & Sport

Eating and drinking

Stop at a legendary restaurant or country inn along the way and enjoy a delicious meal made from regional ingredients, or buy the ingredients for a relaxed picnic or barbecue at one of the numerous farm and village shops.

More information on the options along the way is provided  here.

Overnight stays

We are more than happy to help with any further questions.


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