Sweet Dreams: 9 Tips for Bern, the Birthplace of Chocolate

Those with a sweet tooth are right at home in Bern, the birthplace of chocolate. Who offers chocolatier courses? Where can you go for a chocolate fondue? And where are the best chocolate cakes? Here we’ll let you in on 9 of Bern’s chocolate secrets.

“Fabrique de Chocolat W. Lin . . .”: If you stand on Bern’s Nydegg Bridge (Nydeggbrücke), you can still see this historical text painted on the old building across from you. In 1879, chocolate history was made in this building located at Wasserwerkgasse 2. In this former chocolate factory, Rudolf Lindt, the son of a Bernese pharmacist, developed the conche technique that resulted in the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate we know today. The birthplace of chocolate has inspired a number of other chocolatiers over the years. Ovomaltine, Camille Bloch and the world-famous Toblerone all have their roots in Bern. Even today, every Toblerone that is sold around the world is produced in the company’s factory in Bern.

9 Chocolate Tips in Bern

Swiss chocolatiers are among the best in the world – if we do say so ourselves! The Swiss are also among the world’s most voracious consumers of chocolate, with an average of 10.5 kilos of the sweet stuff consumed per person per year. So it’s no wonder that chocoholics find themselves in seventh heaven in Bern, right in the heart of Switzerland. Our 9 chocolate tips will tell you which places and experiences are well worth the indulgence!

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