What is bicycle trekking? Where does the luggage go? Which type of bicycle is recommended? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

  • What is e-bike touring?

    True to the motto "The journey is the reward", the focus of e-bike touring is on experiencing and enjoying the landscape itself. With an e-bike, you can relax while cresting gently rolling hills and winding through the woods. In addition to impressive natural sites and lookout points, there are also barbecue and swimming areas along the e-bike routes, inviting you to stop and take a break.

  • Which type of bicycle is best for the e-bike routes?

    Due to the hilly landscape, we recommend riding an e-bike.

    What about a slow or fast e-bike?

    All “slow” (maximum speed 25 km/h) types of e-bikes are equivalent to a regular bicycle from a legal perspective. Helmets are not compulsory, and e-bikes can be ridden without any restrictions other than age (from the age of 16 or 14 with a moped licence).

    “Fast” e-bikes can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, and riders must have an automobile licence. Keep in mind that some bike paths prohibit e-bikes. If a stretch of the route bans motorcycles or all types of motorised vehicles, you must switch off the motor of your “fast” e-bike.

  • Where can I rent an e-bike?

    There are various options in and around Bern for those who don’t have their own e-bike (yet) and would like to rent one. There are charging stations along the route to recharge your e-bike. As its name suggests, the company Rent a Bike, for example, has a large selection of bicycles that you can rent.

  • When is the best time of the year for e-bike touring?

    The route can be ridden 365 days a year. To ensure the most enjoyable experience possible, we recommend that you plan your excursion when the weather is fine – and dress appropriately for the conditions.

  • What should I wear?

    Once you are on the road, spontaneous wardrobe changes will not be possible. The good old onion-skin principle always makes sense: a technical base layer and several layers of thin outerwear mean that you can compensate for changing weather conditions by simply adding or removing a layer. A breathable, waterproof jacket is recommended for rainy or cold weather.

  • What about carrying supplies?

    We recommend taking either a small backpack with you for the day or using a handlebar or rear carrier bag. Handlebar bags and rear carrier bags are good alternatives to backpacks because they offer more space and won’t strain your back.

    Tip: Leave some space in your baggage for shopping, as there are numerous farm shops right on or just off the route offering unique regional products.

    There is currently no baggage transport available on this route.

  • Is this cycling route also suitable for children?

    Children are only allowed to ride e-bikes from the age of 16 or 14 (with a moped licence). You can combine an e-bike with a chariot-style bike trailer, but you will require a powerful electric bike and an experienced rider. In such a case, we strongly recommend taking along a second battery.

    Tip: Bike trailers for kids can be rented in addition to an e-bike at Rent a Bike.

  • Is it possible to book a complete package?

    Yes, it is: the package “Bernese E-Bike Love” includes two overnight stays, recommendations for tours and activities, and optional two-day e-bike rental. Read more about the e-bike getaway here.

  • Which e-bike routes are there in the destination Bern?

    Bern is the perfect destination for bicycle trekking. Find an overview of the different routes here.

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