Laubengeschichten (Arcade Stories)

Patrick, the man behind the “Chäshütte”, and passionate designer Michèle are just two of the many locals who put their heart and soul into their businesses in Bern’s Old City. Five shop owners give us a glimpse of their world.

Patrick, Zur Chäshütte

Together with his brother, Patrick runs the only cheese shop in Bern that still matures and stores cheese in its in-house vaulted cellar. Hear their story in the video.

Joshi, Streetbelt

A classic late-night, beer-fuelled idea led to an iconic accessory: Joshi turns old fire hydrant number plates into stylish belts. Watch the video to see how he does it.

Brigitte, Art of Scent

Experience scents at Brigitte’s atelier “Art of Scent”. With her creations, she captures emotions and memories, for example with the unmistakable "aarewasser".

Michèle, Feines

Her shop invites customers to linger, peruse, and discover – dive into Michèles delicate world of stationery.

Antoinette, Iljos Cucina

In her charming store in the lower part of the Old City, Antoinette sells handmade tableware and decorative items. Whether you’re looking for a souvenir or a gift, you’re sure to find something at Iljos Cucina.