Welcome to the "Ämmitau"


To know that "Ämmitau" means Emmental, you need to be familiar with some of Bern’s secrets. The Emmental valley, located to the north east of the city of Bern, is a place of tradition and innovation which tempts visitors with both culinary highlights and cultural and scenic attractions.

The unmistakable landscape, covered in lush green, is characteristic of the unique Emmental valley. Numerous paths offering wonderful cycling routes wind their way through the meadows. The many hills mean that e-bikes are primarily used, which were (of course) invented in Emmental. So head off and leave Langnau for Burgdorf along the Herzroute on a FLYER.

The sensorium in Rüttihubelbad is particularly worth a stop along the way: This "experience for the senses" opens up new insights into the connection between humans and nature, and offers visitors an opportunity to better understand their senses. With senses heightened, we then either head down into the associated Restaurant Rüttihubelbad which has a terrace offering views of the Bernese Alps, or visit the Mänziwilegg viewpoint where an unforgettable panorama awaits: something to delight both the taste buds and the eyes.

From Savory to Sweet

However, the Herzroute is not the only trail making a stop in the Emmental valley – the Grand Tour of Switzerland also takes in the region’s beauty. The "Lueg" viewpoint, located on the Grand Tour route, provides an excellent view of the softly rolling landscape and one of the most beautiful vistas. The nearby Landgasthof Lueg, offering a relaxing spa and accommodation options, ensures that you will enjoy a pleasant stopover.

The Emmental Show Dairy in Affoltern is one of the many highlights of the Grand Tour. You can watch production of Emmental cheese, known for its holes, live in the show dairy. Active visitors can even lend a hand and have a go at making their own cheese, stepping into cheesemakers’ shoes and getting to the bottom of the secrets of Emmental cheese. The Show Dairy is not the only culinary attraction in the Emmental valley – the Kambly Experience in Trubschachen tempts all "Güezi" fans with its more than 100 different biscuit varieties. Let the hunt for biscuits begin: visitors can taste the many options to their heart’s content. If all this is too sweet for you, head on to the show bakery in Zollbrück and watch the process of how real Emmental braided bread is made. But be careful: you will be very tempted to cut a slice of the fresh braid.

Tradition and Innovation

As well as showing off its culinary side, the Emmental valley also sets cultural hearts racing. Near to the Kambly Museum is the Trubschachen Heritage Museum. Located in the center of the village and consisting of a farmhouse, an outbuilding ("Stöckli"), and a storehouse ("Spycher"), the museum offers an insight into the history of the Emmental’s home, farm, and industrial life. The 18th-century settlement features a show pottery which makes artfully painted ceramic goods. Anyone interested in Emmental valley traditions should visit Switzerland’s oldest alphorn maker in Eggiwil, and the bell foundry in Bärau. The foundry can look back over a long history, with the first bells being manufactured as early as 1730. Those with skillful hands can have a go at casting their own bell under professional guidance, capturing the sound of the Emmental forever. The diverse range of traditional craft business reaches its pinnacle in the village of Wasen: as well as an accordion maker and a master saddler, visitors travelling the "Handwerkerweg trail" (artisan trail) can also catch a costume dressmaker or a blacksmith at work.

From tradition on to innovation: the Museum Franz Gertsch in Burgdorf captivates with its innovative architecture and stands in pure contrast to the otherwise very traditional Emmental valley. The monumental paintings and woodcuts by Swiss artist Franz Gertsch come particularly into their own when combined with the futuristic architecture. The building is an exciting counterpart to the Burgdorf cultural castle, home to the Helvetian Gold Museum and the Museum of Ethnology. However, it is not just the museums which make Burgdorf worth a visit – a stroll through the medieval old town will not soon be forgotten.

Each of Emmental’s different facets is inspiring – something also felt by Swiss writer Jeremias Gotthelf, who wrote his famous books such as "Uli der Knecht" (Uli the Farm Servant) and "Die Käserei in der Vehfreude" (The Cheese Factory in the Hamlet) deep in the Emmental valley. Visitors can now examine his literary work at the Gotthelf Zentrum Lützelflüh, and immerse themselves in a piece of Emmental history that they will never forget.

  • General information
    Canton Bern (BE)
    Size 691 km2
    Inhabitants 95,100 (as of 2016)
    Capital Langnau in Emmental
    Distance to city of Bern approx. 40 minutes by car or train