Zur gold'nen Liebe

06.01.2022 from 20:00

Swiss premiere of the jazz operetta on the Burgäschi stage. A very rare musical spectacle.

For the first time in 89 years: Ralph Benatzky's dance orchestra chamber operetta around the fictional operetta "Wäschermädel und Geigerkönig". A caricature of the commercial operetta industry of the 30s.

Ralph Benatzky was extremely productive during the period in which "Weissen Rössl" was written. In addition to this successful operetta, in which many composers were involved, he sought new paths with his chamber operettas. He detached himself from historical settings with intrigues about love, money and nobility and set everyday stories to music. Today these musical trouvailles are practically forgotten. The Burgäschi stage included one of them in its programme three years ago. With "Bezauberndes Fräulein" our ensemble played itself into the hearts of the visitors. Bühne Burgäschi has again chosen "Gold'nen Liebe", a chamber operetta by Ralph Benatzky.

This musical comedy parodies the traditional operetta. The setting is a theatre where the final rehearsals for the operetta "Geigenkönig und Wäschermädel" are taking place. A rich factory owner finances the production because his daughter is in love with the composer. The young musician, however, develops more of a liking for a female singer. When the theatre director also learns that they want to break with the traditional operetta ending, he has a fit of rage. Disagreements, misunderstandings and entanglements come thick and fast.

Ralph Benatzky's songs and operettas are masterpieces in the matching of music and lyrics. In "Gold'nen Liebe" he gives the scenes on stage the familiar waltzes and marches from Viennese operetta, while providing beautiful tangos, swings and foxtrots for the characters in the theater space. "Zur gold'nen Liebe" will once again take place in Oekingen. The idyllic location on the edge of the forest with a view of the Jura Mountains once again contributes to a unique summer evening enjoyment.

After the initial success with 98 performances at the Komisch Oper Berlin, the play was also performed in Czechoslovakia and Silesia in 1931 and 1932, until it was ousted by the charming Fräulein in January 1933. Due to the temporary ban on Benatzky's works in the German Reich, the work then fell into oblivion and has not been revived since. Zur gold'nen Liebe has never been performed in Switzerland. The performance by Bühne Burgäschi will therefore be the Swiss premiere.

Ralph Benatzky (1884-1957)was a multi-talent. The doctor of German studies was not only an accomplished composer, but often his own librettist and lyricist. His most famous work is "Weisse Rössl", the undisputed greatest success of the Berlin operetta. Born in Mährisch Budwitz, he was a pupil of Antonín Dvořák and left Berlin as early as 1932 to settle on Lake Thun. Shortly before the Second World War he followed an engagement to Hollywood. After the outbreak of the war he remained in the United States until he returned to Zurich in 1948, where he died in 1957.

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