25.04.2020 “Vide Grenier” (Old Town Flea Market)

Uncover Bern’s unexpected treasures: at the end of every April the Old Town Flea Market held in the narrow streets and alleys of the lower Old Town invites Bern’s inhabitants and visitors alike to take a stroll in the Old Town, rummage through the goods on display and see what there is to find.

A stroll under the six kilometer-long Berner arcades is a real experience every time – especially at the end of april! The annual flea market in the Old Town draws people in for an extended shopping trip or “gänggele” (a Bernese German term for when you buy/treat yourself to a little something during a shopping trip) and a leisurely stroll through Kramgasse and Gerechtigkeitsgasse. The locals and “Lädeli” (little shop) owners display the treasures that they have conjured up from their attics, apartments and cellars on numerous market stalls; they are always keen to haggle with the many curious passers-by. At the Flea Market it goes without saying that if you want to get your hands on the best finds, you should get up early – it’s worth it!

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