01.08.2019 1 August – Swiss National Day

Happy Birthday, Switzerland! Celebrating the Swiss National Day, the federal city treats locals and visitors to amusing experiences and charming festivities.

Luminous lanterns and fluttering flags as far as the eye can see. On 1 August, the Swiss Confederation celebrates its birthday, and it’s not just the Swiss who are in a festive mood. It all starts with the big communal “Zmörgele” (brunch) on the Münsterplatz in the federal city, where afterwards you can enjoy the beautiful view from the highest church tower in the country. The tour continues with a leisurely stroll through the almost secret garden of the Erlacherhof (seat of the Bernese municipal administration and the mayor). Of course, the festivities would not be complete without a traditional yodelling concert. At the end of the day, the big firework display on the local mountain, the Gurten, provides a fitting finale to the national holiday celebrations. But these are only the cornerstones of the day: the federal city surprises every year anew with a unique festival programme.

Did you know that the first of August has only officially been a holiday in Switzerland since the beginning of the 90s?

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