01.12.2023 - 02.12.2023 Schwarzenburg Castle Market

You will not find a more magical Christmas market than the one below the imposing castle in Schwarzenburg, taking place on the first Advent every year.

Take a stroll through the Castle Market’s stalls and find all kinds of beautiful handicrafts from the region and many Christmassy delicacies such as “Chnoblibrot” (garlic bread), “Niidletäfeli” (caramel sweets), caramelised almonds and gingerbread. You can also sit down in the raclette room in the “Tätschdachhaus” and enjoy live music by “Ländler Panache” (Friday) and “Freeläner Plaffeien” (Saturday). But you won’t be the only on the dancefloor: the Christmas lights’ shadows will join you and dance along on the castle walls. So, if you’re not feeling the Christmas spirt (yet), you will after visiting Schwarzenburg.