29.09.2020 - 05.12.2020 International Jazz Festival Bern (currently not happening)

When the International Jazz Festival Bern comes to town, the capital city is filled with husky voices and crooning saxophones. The ten-week festival is one of the oldest of its kind in all of Europe.

This year the International Jazz Festival Bern will be held for the 45th time. Renowned musicians from all over the world will be performing more than 200 concerts at different locations around Bern.

Each spring, over 30,000 jazz fans and music lovers take in the performances by national and international artists who make their way to Bern year after year to show off their musical talent. Started in 1976, the festival has always attracted jazz greats to Bern. Stars including B.B. King, Fats Domino, Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James have all graced the stage of the International Jazz Festival Bern.

Most of the concerts are held at Marians Jazzroom, a stylish and well-known concert club at the Hotel “Innere Enge”, while talented up-and-coming musicians from Switzerland and The New School, New York, perform in the Jazz Tent situated on the hotel’s idyllic grounds. The concerts are free for the public.
  • Tickets

    Tickets can be purchased in advance directly from the Hotel “Innere Enge”, at Marians Jazzroom or from Starticket. Information about prices and discounts can be found here.

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