Heidi, wo bisch du dihei?

10.11.2019 from 14:30

The famous story of Heidi cannot be recounted enough. Andrew Bond uses emotional songs to make this timeless story about exclusion, disability and loneliness, but also about nature, friendship and love, the subject of an extremely moving and sensitive story. With "Heidi, wo bisch du dihei" an enchanting family musical was created, which for once also illuminates the story of Alpöhi, Geissenpeter, the blind grandmother and Klara. The primary question is where and with whom one is actually at home.

With an original stage design, great costumes and inspiring actors and actresses, MärliMusicalTheater once again presents a mesmerising production that will be remembered by young and old for a long time to come. And above all you can look forward to the funny goats!

Language: Swiss German
recommended for children aged 4 years or older

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