25.04.2024 from 07:00 Geranienmarkt (Geranium-Märit)

At the end of April, a colourful sea of flowers will blossom in the federal city. For the last 67 years, a wide variety of flowers has been sold at Bern’s geranium market.

The capital is in bloom. Bern’s geranium market is the oldest, largest, and only event of its kind in Switzerland and is taking place right in front of the parliament building. In addition to 9,000 geraniums, there are 5,000 other flower varieties, culinary herbs, balcony plants and seedlings to admire and buy. This event is perfect for hobby gardeners and people looking to take a colourful photo.

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    By the way: within the city limits, plants and balcony planters can be delivered to your door free of charge if required.