12.07.2019 - 14.07.2019

An immersive 3 days workshop into dhrupad singing and rhythmics : an ancient tradition of North India carrying some of the secrets of Nada Yoga (yoga of sound). An heritage of the teachings of the Dagar family.

Dhrupad, century-old style of Indian classical music, originates in Vedic scansion. Its practice is closely linked to the practice of Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound). The rhythmics traditionally accompanying it find their base in Sanskrit stanzas, which also represent the purest expression of Indian aesthetic grammar.

Jerome Cormier was a student of Ustad H. Sayeeduddin Dagar for more than 12 years, and since his demise studies with his nephew Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar. He does his best since 10 years to promote and share the deep heritage of the Dagarvani dhrupad and its very refined sum of knowledge and technics.

Pandit Mohan Shyam Sharma accompagnies the masters of Dagar family since almost 40 years. He's a bearer of the noble tradition of pakhawaj percussion (the "ancester" of tabla), a majestic instrument played in temples since classic india. He's one of the leading masters of pakhawaj nowadays.

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