Christmas Market on Orphanage Square (Waisenhausplatz)

01.12.2018 - 24.12.2018

The Christmas market on Orphanage Square (Waisenhausplatz) in Bern’s city center has been a tradition for over 20 years. If you’re looking for the right present for the holidays, then you have come to the right place.

Come and enjoy the wintry charm of the City of Bern. The Swiss capital has plenty on offer for the colder time of year – its traditional Christmas markets, for example. One of these markets can be found on Orphanage Square (Waisenhausplatz). Bordered by a fence made of fir tree branches, visitors can find a wide range of souvenirs, typical Christmas goods and other items for everyday use in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Food and drinks are also available at the market. The Platzhirsch «Märitbeizli» stand makes for a great meeting place after work for mulled wine and fondue lovers in the run up to Christmas.

December 2nd - 23rd, 2018
Monday- Saturday: 10:00am - 10pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Weihnachtsmarkt am Waisenhausplatz

    3011 Bern


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