Cheese Market Huttwil

With the start of autumn, the heart of cheese lovers skips a beat. The Cheese Market in Huttwil is a tribute to the local cheese variety.

Over 20 cheese producers present their specialties at the Cheese Market in Huttwil. The exquisite products are not only culinary treats, but also traditional products that are manufactured with lots of expertise, care and passion. Today’s cheese variety is the result of centuries of innovation and continuously refined methods. Visitors travel from afar to feast their way through the “Chäsmärit”.

At the Cheese Market in Huttwil, cheese manufacturers share their knowledge and culinary recommendations with their customers. The “Best of the Region” label guarantees that the ingredients are obtained and processed locally. In addition to the cheese, the market in Huttwil offers numerous attractions to discover and enjoy: The festive program offers traditional celebrations, handicrafts and lots of folk music.

  • Tickets

    Instead of a ticket, visitors can get a “cheese ribbon” at the Cheese Market in Huttwil and support the event with a voluntary contribution of 5 francs.

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