31.12.2021 Achetringele Laupen

Loud, louder, Achetringele! With a lot of noise and frightening masks, the evil spirits are driven out punctually before New Year in the small town of Laupen.

On New Year’s Eve, a procession of wild figures rolls through the streets of Laupen. As the custom requires, the young "Bäsemanne", equipped with long-stemmed juniper brooms, walk at the front. The "Glöggeler", dressed in white, swing cow-bells through the air, and the "Blaateremannli" carry air-filled pig bladders. On the Läubliplatz and the Bärenplatz, the leader bids a rhymed farewell to the old year and wishes the crowd a happy new year. The noisy spectacle is hard to describe – and is best experienced up close!

The origin of the "Achetringele" – which means "bells down" – probably lies in the celebrations of the Germanic winter solstice. Once the custom served to expel evil spirits, but today it is a popular and entertaining celebration. The contradiction between today’s more civilised procession and the wild chase of the past highlights how the custom has changed over its long history.

If you want to see the traditional procession for yourself, take a trip to Laupen on 31 December. The procession starts at 8:00 p.m.

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