Bid Dossier

Customized bid dossiers, professional support

Contact us, so we can work together in compiling a relevant bid dossier that is professional yet also emotionally appealing.

We can provide you with free promotional material on the city of Bern and its surrounding region in order to help you endorse Bern as the site for your next convention. We'll also be happy to help you design an appealing PowerPoint presentation or compile a bid dossier customized specifically for the event (bid book).

Suitable destination brochures are available for your association's decision makers or as advance information for the event participants.


Image and Film Material

We're happy to provide you with images, films and PowerPoint presentations to use in designing your convention materials, including your promotional brochures and convention website.

Please contact us if you're looking for a specific theme or if you need a particular image in its original resolution.