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How do I access the Cycling Tour 888 – Grünes Band Bern (Bern’s Green Belt)? Where can I rent an E-bike and where can I charge my battery? Find the answers to these and many other questions including useful tips in the overview.

Route information

The Grünes Band (Green Belt) is a over 59-kilometre circular route that winds its way around the outskirts of the capital city of Bern. An adventure in nature awaits as you coast away from the urban centre. On this scenic e-bike route, the focus is definitely on discovering local highlights. The special sites marked along the route offer interesting, funny and surprising experiences relating to the region’s nature and agriculture. Don’t forget to make regular stops at the charming farm shops, restaurants, inns and cafés you will encounter.

The route can easily be broken up into several stages, leaving more time to enjoy the experiences along the way. You can also choose your own starting point, direction and route length. All you have to do is follow the red Veloland 888 signs and stop at the marked highlights.

  • Location Location : All around Bern
  • Distance Distance : 59 km
  • Elevation gain Elevation gain : 950 m

Starting and finishing

The best way to reach the cycling tour 888 Grünes Band Bern (Bern’s Green Belt) is directly by e-bike. Travel comfortably to Bern by public transport and start the tour from Bern railway station. From here, the Veloland network leads to the Green Belt. Take the number 37 through the Breitenrain district via Ostermundigen to Deisswil. Turn right there onto number 888 and ride through the Gümligen valley to Gümligen – and you’re already cycling on the Green Belt around the federal city. As there is no official start and finish point, you can start and finish from any point.

  • Rail tickets for bikes

    There are two different types of tickets for passengers loading their own bicycles:

    Single bike tickets
    For short journeys, purchase a normal ticket at a reduced price (1/2).

    1-day bike pass
    If you are travelling longer distances, it makes sense to buy a 1-day bike pass for CHF 14.00.

    Annual bike pass
    With the annual bike pass for CHF 240.00, you can take along your bike for a whole year on all routes that allow the self-loading of bicycles. Keep in mind, however, that the annual pass is not a guaranteed ticket and capacity may vary.

    Important: The tickets listed above are valid for your bike only. Each passenger will also need a valid ticket.

    Tickets can be purchased at the counter, at ticket machines or online.


    The self-loading of bicycles is not possible for groups of more than 10 people including bicycles. We recommend renting bicycles at your destination.

    Please take a look at the information for self-loading your bicycle at 


E-bike rentals

No e-bike of your own or don’t have your own with you? No problem, you can rent e-bikes quickly and easily at these stations from Rent a Bike

  • General information

    Self-service bicycle loading

    If the e-bike is rented from Rent a Bike, the bike ticket for public transport is included. The rented bike can therefore be taken on all trains in the bike self-loading area without an additional bike ticket. The rental contract issued is valid as a self-loading ticket.


    Rent a Bike AG
    Steinmatt 1
    6130 Willisau

    +41 (0)41 921 05 75

Battery charging stations

Different models of e-bikes have different battery charge capacities. Newer ones can easily last the entire 59 kilometres of the Grünes Band (Green Belt) without an extra battery or charging break. We always recommend fully charging the battery before setting off or, depending on the model, taking an additional battery or your own charger with you.

And if the battery doesn’t last quite as long as you planned, it can be recharged en route. Green-marked 888 charging sockets are available at the following locations:

  • Battery charging stations
    • Restaurant zum Schloss at Kulturhof Schloss Köniz
    • Hotel and Restaurant Bären, Oberbottigen
    • Landgasthof Bären, Frauenkappelen
    • Bogen 17 Kiosque, Wohlen b. Bern
    • INFORAMA Rütti, Zollikofen (beside the bike racks)
    • Kaffeehaus Stettler, Stettlen

    There is also a public charging station at Restaurant Jägerheim that has a wide range of charging cables.

Eating and drinking

It’s not just a coincidence that the charging sockets are located right next to restaurants – while your e-bike battery is being topped up, you can also recharge your own batteries with local specialities.

We are more than happy to help with any further questions.


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