Practical information

How do I access the E-bike Route 888 – Grünes Band Bern (Bern’s Green Belt)? Where can I rent an E-bike and where can I charge my battery? Find the answers to these and many other questions including useful tips in the overview.

Route information

The Grünes Band (Green Belt) is a 59-kilometre circular route that winds its way around the outskirts of the capital city of Bern. An adventure in nature awaits as you coast away from the urban centre. On this scenic e-bike route, the focus is definitely on discovering local highlights. The special sites marked along the route offer interesting, funny and surprising experiences relating to the region’s nature and agriculture. Don’t forget to make regular stops at the charming farm shops, restaurants, inns and cafés you will encounter.


The route can easily be broken up into several stages, leaving more time to enjoy the experiences along the way. You can also choose your own starting point, direction and route length. All you have to do is follow the red Veloland 888 signs and stop at the marked highlights.

  • Location Location : All around Bern
  • Distance Distance : 59 km
  • Elevation gain Elevation gain : 950 m

Weather in Bern


10 50 °
26 78.8 °
  • 14.9h
  • 1%


Su Sunday 12 82.4 ° 28 82.4 °
Mo Monday 16 86 ° 30 86 °
Tu Tuesday 14 86 ° 30 86 °

Starting and finishing

The E-bike Route 888 – Grünes Band Bern (Bern’s Green Belt) is best reached directly by e-bike. Alternatively, there are various points along the route accessible by public transport. Since there is no official starting or finishing point, you can begin and end your ride from anywhere.

  • General information

    Railway stations along the route

    The following stations are located along or close to the route and are ideal starting and finishing points:

    • Köniz railway station
    • Kehrsatz railway station
    • Rubigen railway station
    • Gümligen railway station
    • Zollikofen railway station
    • Riedbach railway station
    • Niederwangen railway station

    Rail tickets for bikes

    There are two different types of tickets for passengers loading their own bicycles:

    Single bike tickets
    For short journeys, purchase a normal ticket at a reduced price (1/2).

    1-day bike pass
    If you are travelling longer distances, it makes sense to buy a 1-day bike pass for CHF 14.00.

    Annual bike pass
    With the annual bike pass for CHF 240.00, you can take along your bike for a whole year on all routes that allow the self-loading of bicycles. Keep in mind, however, that the annual pass is not a guaranteed ticket and capacity may vary.

    Important: The tickets listed above are valid for your bike only. Each passenger will also need a valid ticket.

    Tickets can be purchased at the counter, at ticket machines or online.


    The self-loading of bicycles is not possible for groups of more than 10 people including bicycles. We recommend renting bicycles at your destination.

    Please take a look at the information for self-loading your bicycle at 

E-bike rentals

(Still) don’t have your own e-bike? Don’t worry, e-bikes can be rented quickly and easily at these stations.

  • General information


    Offers and prices are listed on the website.

    Bike helmets can also be rented at each station starting at CHF 5.00 per day.


    We recommend making reservations in advance for groups.

    Groups of 10 or more paying persons receive a 20% discount on the base price, including helmet rental and return transport. The bikes must be picked up at and returned to an official Rent a Bike rental station. (Reductions with the GA Travelcard or Half Fare Travelcard are not possible anymore.)

    If the station from which you want to begin your ride does not have enough e-bikes available, you can book bikes from Rent a Bike's mobile rental station. No matter where, what, or when, Rent a Bike will deliver the e-bikes directly to your chosen location.

    You can find more information about “à la carte” group tours on the website.

    Self-service bicycle loading

    Your rental bike can be taken on all trains in the bike self-loading area without purchasing an additional bike ticket. The rental contract you receive is valid as a bike ticket.


    Rent a Bike AG
    Steinmatt 1
    6130 Willisau

    +41 (0)41 921 05 75

  • How it works
    1. Reserve an e-bike via Rent a Bike for the location you desire (suggested location: Bern main railway station). Reservations can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours beforehand.

    2. Show your identity card, Half-Fare Travelcard, GA or driving licence when picking up your bike and pay in cash or with an EC debit card.

    3. You will then be given the rental contract and your e-bike.
    4. Ride towards the E-bike Route 888 – Grünes Band Bern.
    5. Return the e-bike at the location of your choice. Please check opening times beforehand.

    Tip: E-bikes can only be rented if you are 16 or older, or from age 14 if you have a moped license.

Charging stations

Different models of e-bikes have different battery charge capacities. Newer ones can easily last the entire 59 kilometres of the Grünes Band (Green Belt) without an extra battery or charging break. We always recommend fully charging the battery before setting off or, depending on the model, taking an additional battery or your own charger with you.


And if the battery doesn't last quite as long as you planned, it can be recharged en route. Green-marked 888 charging sockets are available at the following locations:

  • Charging stations
    • Restaurant zum Schloss at Kulturhof Schloss Köniz
    • Hotel and Restaurant Bären, Oberbottigen
    • Landgasthof Bären, Frauenkappelen
    • Bogen 17 Kiosque, Wohlen b. Bern (from June 2021)
    • INFORAMA Rütti, Zollikofen (beside the bike racks)
    • Restaurant Rössli, Habstetten
    • Kaffeehaus Stettler, Stettlen

    There is also a public charging station at Restaurant Jägerheim that has a wide range of charging cables.

It’s not just a coincidence that the charging sockets are located right next to restaurants – while your e-bike battery is being topped up, you can also recharge your own batteries with local specialities.

Food and beverages

Exploring on your e-bike can give you a real appetite. Luckily, you can find food and beverages to suit everyone’s tastes offered all along the route. Various country inns and restaurants serve local and regional dishes, while numerous farm shops sell tasty treats perfect for a picnic. We recommend taking a water bottle with you so you can fill it up at the refreshing fountains along the way. Although most fountains offer safe drinking water, a corresponding warning sign will be displayed if that is not the case.

More detailed information on gastronomy, farm shops and water fountains along the route can be found here.

Overnight accommodations

Want to enjoy the e-bike route and all its highlights without having to hurry and then spend your evening comfortably without worrying about the journey home? You can, thanks to the various overnight accommodation options.

Accommodations along the route


Accommodations in Bern

Bern is also an ideal spot for an overnight stay. The city offers easy access to the Grünes Band (Green Belt) along with other excursions. Bern has everything your heart could desire – from camping sites to elegant hotels.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is the Grünes Band Bern? Where can I buy food items for a picnic or stop for a bite to eat? What type of bike is recommended? Find answers to the most-frequently asked questions in our FAQs.

  • What is e-bike touring?

    True to the motto "The journey is the reward", the focus of e-bike touring is on experiencing and enjoying the landscape itself. With an e-bike, you can relax while cresting gently rolling hills and winding through the woods. In addition to impressive natural sites and lookout points, there are also barbecue and swimming areas along the e-bike routes, inviting you to stop and take a break.

  • What is the E-bike Route 888 – Grünes Band Bern?

    The Grünes Band Bern (Bern’s Green Belt) is a circular cycling route stretching almost 60 km around the capital city. The route offers numerous natural highlights and lookout points. Fascinating facts about the local sights as well as the region's nature and agriculture await you at marked locations along the way. There are also many benches en route ideal for taking a break and taking in the view, while farm shops, inns and restaurants offer refreshments for your onward journey.

  • How does the E-bike Grünes Band work?

    The e-bike route is a circular loop around the outskirts of the capital city that can easily be divided into several stages, leaving more time to enjoy the experiences along the way.

    The route can be travelled in both directions and accessed from anywhere, meaning there is no official starting or finishing point. We recommend that you ride the route in a clockwise direction.


  • Which type of bike is most suitable for this route?

    Due to the hilly landscape, we recommend riding an e-bike.

    What about a slow or fast e-bike?

    All “slow” (maximum speed 25 km/h) types of e-bikes are equivalent to a regular bicycle from a legal perspective. Helmets are not compulsory, and e-bikes can be ridden without any restrictions other than age (from the age of 16 or 14 with a moped licence).

    Fast” e-bikes can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, and riders must have an automobile licence. Keep in mind that some bike paths prohibit e-bikes. If a stretch of the route bans motorcycles or all types of motorised vehicles, you must switch off the motor of your “fast” e-bike.

  • Where can I rent an e-bike and what charging options are available?

    There are various options in and around Bern for those who don’t have their own e-bike (yet) and would like to rent one. There are charging stations along the route to recharge your e-bike.

  • When is the best time of the year for e-bike touring?

    The route can be ridden 365 days a year. To ensure the most enjoyable experience possible, we recommend that you plan your excursion when the weather is fine – and dress appropriately for the conditions.

  • What should I wear?

    Once you are on the road, spontaneous wardrobe changes will not be possible. The good old onion-skin principle always makes sense: a technical base layer and several layers of thin outerwear mean that you can compensate for changing weather conditions by simply adding or removing a layer. A breathable, waterproof jacket is recommended for rainy or cold weather.

    Hier geht’s zur Wetterprognose.

  • What about carrying supplies?

    We recommend taking either a small backpack with you for the day or using a handlebar or rear carrier bag. Handlebar bags and rear carrier bags are good alternatives to backpacks because they offer more space and won’t strain your back.

    Tip: Leave some space in your baggage for shopping, as there are numerous farm shops right on or just off the route offering unique regional products.

    There is currently no baggage transport available on this route.


  • Do I need a map or a navigation system?

    The “Cycling in Switzerland” Veloland Route 888 – Grünes Band Bern is uniformly marked with the SwitzerlandMobility sign no. 888. No maps or navigation system are required.

    What can be of use is the SwitzerlandMobility map, which shows your current position if required.


    Tip: Important information can also be found at Checking the weather forecast, for example, is a practical planning step. And there is an overview as well as a list of opening times for those who want to find out what experiences can be expected along the route in both directions.

  • What and where can I eat and drink?

    You will find food and beverages on offer along the route to suit everyone's taste. Various country inns and restaurants serve local and regional dishes, while numerous farm shops sell tasty treats perfect for a picnic.

    We recommend taking a water bottle with you so you can fill it up at the many refreshing fountains along the way.

    More detailed information on gastronomy, farm shops and water fountains along the route can be found here.

  • Where can I spend the night?

    There is a wide variety of accommodation options available in the city of Bern as well as along the route. In this way, you can enjoy the experience without time pressure, and your tour can be resumed the next morning once you feel refreshed and ready.

    Find accommodations along the route and in and around Bern here.

  • Is this cycling route also suitable for children?

    Children are only allowed to ride e-bikes from the age of 16 or 14 (with a moped licence). You can combine an e-bike with a chariot-style bike trailer, but you will require a powerful electric bike and an experienced rider. In such a case, we strongly recommend taking along a second battery.

    Tip: Bike trailers for kids can be rented in addition to an e-bike at Rent a Bike.

    Families can ride the Grünes Band Bern with a few simple adjustments: Start in Köniz, ride through the idyllic Köniztal valley towards Kehrsatz to Rubigen.

    •  Family tip no. 1: The natural landscape of the Köniztal valley is particularly ideal for families and also offers lots of exciting things for little explorers to discover.
    • Family tip no. 2: Belp is home to the Giessenbad outdoor swimming pool and a nature reserve beside Restaurant Jägerheim. With a little luck, you just might spot some beavers hard at work. When the temperature warms up, the Aare river is a tempting way to cool off, and the green riverbank offers a perfect place to take a picnic break.
  • Can I also book the E-bike Route 888 – Grünes Band Bern as a complete package?

    This is currently not an option because accommodations, meals and snacks, and other offers along the route must be booked individually. However, we can provide you with all the information you need.

  • Are there other cycling routes that I can explore with an e-bike?

    Yes, the Bern region is perfect for e-bike touring. You will find an overview displaying the different routes here.

We are more than happy to help with any further questions.


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