“E Ämmitaler Schuelstund wie anno 1880” – “Back to School – 1880s Emmental Style”

Actually, School Wasn’t that Bad, Was it? Sit Down at One of the Wooden Desks and get Transported Back to the Times of Multiplication Tables and Cursive Handwriting.

  • Information and Prices
    Availability April–October
    Number of participants 10–20 people
    Duration Half-day excursion
    Price 15 participants and more: CHF 49.00 per person
    Up to 14 participants: CHF 735.00 flat rate
    Services included in the price - Lesson
    - Notebook
    - Event organisation
    - Excl. VAT


When was the last time you sat at a school desk? Go back to school – and back in time. Surprise your team with a unique and unforgettable experience: attend class in the authentic 1880s classroom in Heimisbach, where teacher, Swiss German author and Emmental native Simon Gfeller went to school. A real “Ämmitaler” (Emmental) teacher will take you on this fun and entertaining journey to the past and teach you everything that Swiss children in the 19th century would learn at school. From history and geography to maths and German: there’s a subject for everyone. But don’t worry – the teacher isn’t strict, and there’s no annoying homework. Have a fun day at school with your teammates – or rather: your classmates!

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