Frutigen Tropical Greenhouse

Imagine a green jungle in the midst of the imposing landscape of the Bernese Oberland. At the Frutigen Tropical Greenhouse, exotic plants, the onsite sturgeon fish farm, modern technology and a first-class restaurant combine to make a harmonious whole.

Passion fruit, chili, caviar and photovoltaics. In addition to the colorful riot of flowers in the greenhouses, there is an onsite sturgeon fish farm with its own caviar production. The entire operation is powered by a unique energy generator that uses cutting-edge technology and renewable resources. Heat and water are provided by the BEAT Base Tunnel, among other sources.

Frutigen Tropical Greenhouse

A tour of the greenhouses unites learning and exciting experiences. In the five different themed greenhouses – Water, Sturgeon, Caviar, Enjoyment and Energy – you can explore and try out the multitude of interesting activities for yourself. Whether you are visiting with your entire family, on a school trip or part of a company event, the exhibition offers something for everyone. The interactive Children’s Trail with Lili the marmot as your guide guarantees that even the youngest visitors will have an entertaining discovery walk through the greenhouses. A detour to see the wood turtles and Silkie chickens is a special highlight.

The tastings and workshops also add a personal touch to your visit. How would you like to taste bananas and other tropical fruits from the greenhouses, or create your own tea blend? Anyone who wants to learn more about the facility’s infrastructure, plant life and technology can join a guided tour of the greenhouses.

Gastronomy and Accommodations at the “Tropengarten”

Dinner at Frutigen Tropical Greenhouse

In addition to a fascinating day spent in the tropical greenhouses, you can indulge in a delectable meal at Restaurant Tropengarten. Surrounded by colorful blossoms, lush greenery and aromatic shrubs, you will be served regional specialties and innovative dishes from the greenhouses’ own production. “Tropenhaus” salad with exotic fruits and baked “sturgeon crunchies”, handmade tagliatelle with “jungle pesto” as well as coconut-coffee pannacotta are just a few of the temptingly unusual items on the menu here.

If you start to feel right at home under the canopy of palm trees, you can book a night at the Rollhotel – a vintage mobile home from the 1960s – and stay till the next morning. This offer is only available from November until April.

  • Restaurant Opening Times
    Wednesday–Sunday 9:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m.
    Monday and Tuesday closed
    except for public holidays
    Holidays from 9 January to 26 January 2023
    from 3 July to 18 July 2023

Your Own Events at the Tropical Greenhouse


The exotic atmosphere and modern architecture make the Frutigen Tropical Greenhouse an extraordinary event location. Whether it’s a banquet, congress or group event, there are spaces available for private gatherings.

  • Seating Capacity
    Hall m2 Concert Seminar Banquet Cocktail
    198 - - 140 -
    Orchid Garden - - - 14 40
    Meeting Room I+II 55 36 20 - -
    Meeting Room I 32 24 12 - -
    Meeting Room II 23 6 4 - -

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