A Passion for Percussion

Does Your Team March to the Beat of the Same Drum? Find out in a Fun Percussion Class That Has Rhythm and Flow.

  • Information and Prices
    Availability Year-round
    Duration 1–2 hours
    Number of participants 6–800
    Price Depending on individual offer

    Flat rate starting at 6–10 participants: CHF 990.00
    Services included in the price - Percussion lesson
    - Instruments
    - Transportation
    - Preparation and wrap-up


With a great deal of energy, rhythm and empathy, Stephan Rigert will take you and your team on an exciting journey into the exotic world of percussion music. You will be surprised at how much rhythm your colleagues have! This musical experience will teach you more about team spirit, commitment and leadership in a fun and playful way.

By the way: Stephan Rigert is an internationally renowned musician, producer and author and is considered one of Europe’s most innovative percussionists. His in-depth knowledge as a musician, his experience as an intercultural facilitator, his keen sense of group dynamics and, last but not least, his excellent rhetorical qualities and sense of humour will inspire and animate your team.

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