Swissness Games

Discover Swiss Traditions: Compete in Fun Team Games and Enjoy Delicious Food straight from the Farm.

  • Information and Prices
    Availability May–October
    Number of participants Up to 500
    Duration 2 hours
    Price Starting at CHF 50.00 per person
    Services included in the price - Supervised games
    - “Sackhosen” (“bag pants”)
    - Event organisation
    - Excl. VAT
    Remarks Whenever possible, games are set up indoors or in a covered space on the farm. If necessary, the food will also be served indoors. That way, the event can take place in all weather conditions.

Swissness Games

Have you ever spun a flag or tried playing a tune on an Alphorn? Or getting any kind of sound out of the instrument, for that matter. And how good are you at milking cows? Discover hidden talents in an idyllic Swiss setting on a farmhouse outside of Bern. Make sure to do your warm-up and give it a go!

Every discipline is supervised by an expert who will also let you in on fun anecdotes, interesting stories and useful background information on the “Swissness Games”. After all the physical activity at the games, you will have earned yourselves a yummy and hearty meal. Sit down for a farm barbecue with meat from the farm and many homemade delicacies and relax with your team.

Swissness Games to choose from:

  • Appenzeller Talerschwingen (“coin rolling”)
  • Fahnenschwingen (flag spinning)
  • “zäme lisme” – knitting like in the olden days
  • Playing the Alphorn
  • Milking Rösi the cow (life-sized plastic Freiburg cow)
  • Hornussen (a Swiss national sport)
  • Crossbow shooting
  • Swiss team ski race
  • Yodeling workshop

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